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The art work seems to say “please come” and holds out her hand. If one takes that hand, surely one can enter into the picture’s world.

박귀채-KuyChae Park, (Great Korean artist) กุยเช ปาร์ก ศิลปะแนวภววิสัย

박귀채 (1946~ ) KuyChae Park, Painting is the reflection of ideal for oneself. Not only utopia supposed through painting, this is also the basic world view of oneself. Kuy Chae Park, Korean artist, is a modernist. His attention to create remarkable and unique artworks passes on spirit, idea, beauty, imagination and interesting technique including several aspects of philosophy.
Inside his abstract paintings, the image and unchangeable elements appear to lead the story such as mountains and trees, birds and dears, etc. All of them are fresh and clear color as well as the simple and comfortable compositions.

Profile 박귀채 (1946~ ) KuyChae Park

1946 - was born in jindo, jeollanamdo, Korea
1977 - 14th Mokwoo art selected
1987 - 1st Solor exhibition, gallery Baek
1991 - 2nd Solor exhibition, gallery Chuysanbang
2002 - East and South Asia Sketch overseas sightseeing 250 times more
2004 - 3th Solor exhibition, Hanaro Art
2007 - 4th INVITING Solor exhibition Myung Gallery
2007 - 5th Solor exhibition Daegu Art fare
2008 - 6th Solor exhibition River City Bangkok, Thailand
2009 - 4th - 26 exhibition Akko Art Gallery Bangkok, Thailand.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The colours in Park’s paintings are bright as if the original oil paint is applied directly from the tube. Usually when the original colour is used as-is, the colour comes out too garish and the result is cheap, but in Park’s case, the original colour results in a beautiful warmth as if out of a fairy tale world. The art work seems to say “please come” and holds out her hand. If one takes that hand, surely one can enter into the picture’s world. A world that one met somewhere a long time ago, a gentle world that one yearns for and that one keeps searching for in one’s dreams. The scenery spreads out in a way that touches the viewer’s heart in sweet yet mild way. It is not quite Naïve nor Märchen, but a scene that is a delight to the heart. This is what allows one to look at the painting for long periods of time without becoming tired.

The medium used is oil paint but it is not only on canvas but also on sa-paper, hemp and cannabis. Rather than painting, it would be more descriptive to say that Park labours to paint into the different surfaces using methods appropriate to each texture and thereby maximizes each individual quality. These methods were learned over many years.
Park uses his brush extensively, often needing three times the typical energy to paint.
Subjects include ports, flowers and paradise.